Monday, 7 June 2010

Lesson Learnt!

Be wise guys, and I am talking to myself here too. Observe, and when you see a fault, yes you can try and mend it, but be wise! For example, don't trust a car, that is faulty, to take you to a far destination. To interprete what I mean, I think we should have a motive to always try and help in anyway we can, but there is also being wise. careful of people with big mouths!!! Seriously! Lol! I am not even referring to them telling other people your business (which they are highly likely to do), but its deeper than that. Hopefully I will be able to explain what I mean properly, but 'big mouths' that are loud in front of you, beware. Lol. I must admit, I was very stupid for falling for the same thing, but it was due to what I considered 'love' and 'forgiveness' was, thats why I didn't learn from previous mistakes.

I can't remember the scripture now, but Jesus said something about forgiving others seven mutliplied by seventy times, which I have no choice but to do because of the love and fear I have for God. I believe ou can definately forgive someone, but keep your distance, especially if they are still in the 'same condition'. But we need to check our hearts because if it comes to the case where you happen to come accross them, do you look away, does your heart start beating, can you not stand to look at them, etc? If the answer is yes, then it's likely you haven't forgiven them, but just tried to stay away.

There is a quote I came up  with (hehe) while chattin with a close friend of mine. I was like (not the exact same words) 'when you play with fire and it burns you, you can't continue playing with it unless your gonna get burnt again'. This sounds just like common sense, but it can be applied to our lives. When someone is still 'fire', don't continue to 'play (this word is basically whatever you do with the person). You can try and put out the fire, but pray about how you can. Lol! I hope you guys are getting my drift?

Please be wise, because you wouldn't want to regret anything. Watch your relationship with people, although at all times you should show people love. But showing love is different from a friendship right? And I would advice you shouldn't be 'close friends' with a big mouth (although I should be using the word 'friends' because a friend should be a friend, not having to add the word close or not) Right now, I am upset a certain someone knows so much about me, smh. This is because I foolishly was a friend to someone that I shouldn't have been, and its like that relationship built, so right now I just feel awkward. I don't want the person feeling free with me anymore if you understand where I am coming from? But you know what, I can't control what people do or say, and really and truely I AM TOO BLESSSED TO BE STRESSED! The person can be free with me or not free, lol, I have just realised I shouldn't be worried about anything because of the love and grace my Lord has for me! You know what, they can think whatever or do whatever, my eyes are focused on the Lord, can I get an Amen??!!! Lol! I feel better now :D

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