Thursday, 25 March 2010


After seeing a few people wearing it, I fell in love with these sneakers! The shoe was 'co-created' by Terry Kennedy who I think used to be on a show on mtv . Anyway, boi o boi, I can't to get at least a pair, especially these black leather ones with the metal finishing, lol. They come in different shapes and styles, like hi-tops, low-tops, etc.

Check out

Model Spotlight: Rose Cordero

Rose Cordero has become one of my favourite models overtime. At first I didn't really get her 'modelness', but now I do, lol! She is from the Dominican Republic, and apparently she is 17 years old. She has achieved a lot in the modelling industry, walking for high fashion brands and featuring in high fashin magazines. Congrats to her! Below contains more pictures of her which express why i like her, lol, enjoy.

The Remnant feat Scar - Know This

I recently discovered this song and  the group and ever since, I have been jamming to this song this! I like the way gospel/christian music is being done differently recently and still repping Christ. This song just makes you want to sing along, lol. As for the group, they are called The Remnant, and more information can be found on their myspace page:
Their album is also available on iTunes. Enjoy!

Liya Kebede in Vogue US, April 2010!

Liya Kebede (one of my favourites) recently did a spread for Vogue April 2010. I like looking at model pictures (i dont know anything about female fashion, lol, so yeah ), and I love these ones right here! Liya definately did well in these pictures!


Hey guys, this is my first post (hehehehe......muahahahah muahahahah)! but yh just wanna welcome you to this, and i hope you enjoy it!!
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