Thursday, 30 September 2010

Crystal Renn in Vogue Paris, October 2010!

Crystal Renn is a plus size model, and she is like the only plus size model that is reigning in high fashion right about now. She has featured in a lot of editorials, and even front covers of magazines (I think), and after a while, she has grown to be one of my favourite models. I like her thick and black eyebrows, and her face really. She features in an editorial in the lastest issue of Vogue Paris eating food lol! I like (since I like food too), but I don't know what is up with the raw meat and squid though...Enjoy!

Source: Oh Fashion Model
Photographer: Terry Richardson

Mariacarla Boscono for Vogue Italia, October 2010!

Steven Meisel does it again! This front cover of the October issue of Vogue Italia with one of my favourite models, Mariacarla, was shot by Steven Miesel. If you don't know about my like for Steven then get to know. I think he is one of the best photographers out there, and he always shoots for the front cover of the Italian Vogue. This photo makes me await the editorial that may seem plain now, but it's very interesting and unique. See previous Vogue Italia front covers. Mariacarla does it for me too. The bleached eyebrows, which she doesn't usually have, makes me quite excited to see the full editorial, and the white background, red clothes, etc. Enjoy!

Source: Models
Photographer: Steven Meisel

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Arlenis Sosa, Chanel Iman, Caroline Trentini, Izabel Goulart and Jessica Stam for Express!

Its nice to see more of Arlenis, as she was quite scarce earlier this year till not too long ago. Her, Chanel, Caroline (who is like the only blonde Brazillian that I have seen) and Jessica (first time on my blog, but she has become one of my favourites...she has this sort of 'sleepy' walk) feature in an ad campaign by Express for the September advertisements. Chanel and Caroline are no strangers to the ad campaign as they have featured in some in the past. Enjoy! P.s. Chanel reminds me of Beyonce in the photo, lol!

Source: Beauty Is Diverse

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Oswald Boateng - A Man's Story Collection!

A friend of mine happened to tag me in a photo album on Facebook, of the current collection of Oswald Boateng. I must say, the designer is a very talented man, and I even happened to see him during Vogue Fashion Night Out in London. Anyway these suits are just emotional, there were so many I liked but I can't post everything. From the colour combinations, to the texture of the clothing, to the styles, to the boots with suit much swagger! Here are some of the photos of the outfits that I liked. Enjoy!

Source: Facebook

Jourdan Dunn in i-D Magazine, Fall 2010!

I happened to scan this photo myself :D I was reading the magazine and saw my wife so I definitely had to get up and scan it. Jourdan Dunn features in a white and black editorial that various models took part of, including some of my favourites like Liya Kebede and Lara Stone, but I don't want to post them because they are nude....Enjoy!

Source: Scanned by me
Photographer: Daniele and Iango

Monday, 27 September 2010

Jeneil Williams on French Revue De Mode, October 2010!

This cover is banging! Jeneil Williams is on the cover of the recent issue of French Revue De Mode. This is a beautiful photo and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the editorial that follows this. Jeneil Williams is doing well in this industry so I'm definitely happy for her. Enjoy!

Source: Beauty Is Diverse

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Abbey Lee Kershaw in Harper's Bazaar US, October 2010!

Abbey apears in a snowy editorial for the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar US. I recently saw Abbey on the runway for Etro I think, and she had really bright blonde hair!...I was shocked to see the hair colour on her, but I guess her agency wants a different look for gives more details to her eyes anyway so I guess it's cool. Anyway this is a cool editorial, and she always has this sense of confidence oozing from her. Enjoy!

Source: Oh Fashion Model
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld

Lara Stone in W Magazine, October 2010!

The beautiful Lara Stone appears in an editorial for the latest issue of W Magazine. Now Lara is one of my favourite models, even though this is only the first or second post she features in in my blog. I like her facial structure, lips and her gap teeth...very unique. Lara is apparently known for her body....which is like a big thing, because models are susually known for parts of their body and not everything. I guess that's why she is usually nude in a lot of editorials. Enjoy!

Source: Oh Fashion Model
Photographer: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot

Friday, 24 September 2010

Chanel Iman in Vanity Fair Italy!

Chanel Iman appears in an editorial for Italian Vanity Fair, called 'Top Fashion'. She wears different garments from Versace, to D&G, and models them well. Chanel is definitely one of my fave models, and she has been getting a lot of work recently. Enjoy!

Source: Z Fashion and Beauty Is Diverse
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