Monday, 7 June 2010

Charity Shops!

Now I know a few people that do this already, but I am definately gonna start shopping at charity clothes shops now. Whether it be the local one, Salvation Army, Oxfam, or whatever, its actually surprising the things you can see in these shops, ranging from vintage clothes and accessories, too old school top hats, they can be found there! And the prices are just beautiful, lol. I got this polo t shirt (pictured below) from one of the charity shops for £2 and look at the good condition of it! If I had time while I was in london to drive around to look for more charity shops, I would have definately got more items. But I am back in portsmouth, and I don't really know charity shops here....hope I find, but portsmouth is not that fashionable, so the clothes submitted are probably gonna to be normal stuff...who knows anyway.

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