Saturday, 24 April 2010

For The Love of Boat Shoes!

At first I actually didn't like boat shoes, but after some time passed, I started to eye them up, lol! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you (if you don't already know), BOAT SHOES!!! I recently got a pair, but I definately want 1 or 2 more. I love the combination of different colours you can have on the shoes (which you only usually get with trainers or sneakers but now you can have it on a shoe!!! muahahaha), and it usually goes with anything, whether your wearing rolled up jeans, shorts, trousers, jeans..., just beautiful. They also come in different styles, although personally, I just stick to the normal ankle ones. They are also available for women too, with some coming with platform heels. Generally, I must say Timberland produce the ones I prefer... that I have seen anyway. Maybe because I am more into wearing dull colours, but yeah... lol. Enjoy!


  1. which is the 1st shoes???the blue and white 1?

  2. where did you find the third pair down...


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