Sunday, 2 May 2010

Model Spotlight: Fatima Siad!

If you tuned into America's Next Top Model Cycle 10, you will definately remember Fatima Siad. She was the Somalian girl who told people she had been circumsised (I hope that stops because that is really sad) at a young age. At the start,  her photos came out just..."ok", and then she started to grow, but not enough to stay in the competition. I think in that cycle, she was my favourite actually. Anyway I did some research a few months back and I have found out that she carried on modelling, and has actually done quite a lot of things including magazine cover(s), editorials, fashion shows, etc. She is signed with New York Management modelling agency. Anyway here are some pictures I have of her, enjoy!


  1. Oh yhhh I was wondering where I heard that name... she was amazing I thought she was gonna win as well :( and she had the look and everything then again it's a reality show so i guess her personality wasn't edgy enough to stay..i guess she kinda won in the end..her pictures are worthy x

  2. yh she definately had and has the look, but i think due to her lack of her takin photos efficiently was wat caused her to leave...i really wanted her to win aswell lol.

  3. MyMyMyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Timi you know hat m stealing this,
    simply because i just finished watching ANTM Cycle 14 on youtube and Tyra was talkin about how well Faitima was Doing an i wrote her name down to search for her!!
    She looks fanastatic
    i walwyas loved her face anyway :-)

  4. no problemo!
    she is quite popular u knw, even if u google her name, a lot of pics come up


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