Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Joan Smalls and Raquel Zimmermann for Gucci!

Hahahaha! I'm loving this right here! Gucci campaigns have always been of interest to me (this one is for the prefall) as they are always beautiful. Natasha Poly did a beautiful job for the last campaign, now the models in the campaign are Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls, and Raquel Zimmermann. Now Raquel, who is a supermodel, has been in the game for I think over 10 years and has continued to do a good job, so thats good for her, but Joan came into the industry not too long ago and she has finally landed a major deal like this! I'm happy a bit of colour is added to the campaign (in terms of race), and....the photos are beautiful man! I'm happy for Joan for real. P.s. its very unique how the models' eyes are usually closed in the campaigns. Enjoy!

Source: Jeremey Dante

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