Thursday, 29 July 2010

He is Marrying Someone Else!

Yo what's up guys?! I'm making this post via my Blackberry, which is a very cool feeling btw lol! So yeah, I just wanna share a little something with you guys about someone I know who was going out with a certain guy....who was engaged to another woman. This is kind of a long story but I just wanna share like the main parts so that a lesson or two can be learnt by you beautiful women out there that waste your time on the wrong guys! No one is perfect, but I know through Christ, we accomplish A LOT and live the true righteous life.
Anyway my friend is a christian, and she told me about the guy she was going out with and from hearing about him, I gave her a warning about this guy. Despite the fact he wasn't born again (as a woman of God, you should desire a man to be godly and have a relationship with God), there were some other aspects that I knew were not right. And being a man myself and being a worldly man in my past days, I know how guys think (forgive my generalisation). Anyway she became intimate with him sexually, and ofcourse that creates more spiritual and emotional bonds between the two, and it was hard for her to let go.
I confronted her about her actions and thankfully, I feel she was truly convicted of her actions by the Spirit. So she told me that she will use the "not having anymore sex til marraige" mindset as a basis for her to break up with him...have in mind that you can truly mean something, but feelings can change, that's why you should really meditate on the Word of God to help you.
Later on, I found out she still had a relationship with the guy but hopefully, no sex was involved. She later informed me that he travelled to get married to his fiance. She found this out through a friend of hers and later called him to confront him, and he confirmed it...apologizing.
To get to my point, all this could have been avoided if she was right minded in the first place. Ladies please know what you want, and if your a christian, please let God mould your desires (what you want in a man) to what is right...and not wanting a bad boy lol.
Also, this girl, if it wasn't for God, she'l probably have tje mentality of like 'oh I hate men, I can never trust them' and so on. God reassures us and I thank God for that, and there are God fearing men like us ;). She also shared her body with someone who wasn't worth it...he wasn't her husband!
We all need to be in the right mindset before making decisions and taking steps but by His mercy, even when we make mistakes God still brings us out (not an excuse to make mistakes because they could affect you big time).
Ladies please be wise...and seek God in all you do man! I'm out!
P.s. Forgive me for any spelling errors or english blunders. I'm using my bb and will probably check for them later.
God bless!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hey guys, I just remembered that I used to do quite a lot of 'gisting' with you guys, but kinda slowed down with that and gave you more of fashion and model posts. Anyway in one of my posts in April or so, I said I was going to start dating again after a recent break up with my ex girlfriend.

So I recently went on a 'date' with a girl I knew through one of my friends...and it was a cool day. Me and her had a 'friendship' relationship although we had different feelings towards each other (feelings of.... eros kinda thing, lol), so my mind was definately open to starting something with this girl.

I don't wanna give too much details out incase she reads this...I don't want things to be awkward between me and her, lol!

So yeah we went to a restaurant to eat, and we chatted up a bit...and I got to know her more.She's a Christian too, attractive, nice shape, and defo not a shy person, lol! I knew she liked me and I kinda liked her, but her knowing a lot of boys, kinda...not put me off, but I was like whoa! Lol. Not that it intimidates me, but I wasn't too comfortable with some stuff she was saying...I think she was tryna show that a lot of guys were interested in her or something so I won't be overly proud or something. *shrugging*....oh and I paid for the food too, lol!

So after, we went to see a movie...and while seeing the movie, she kept saying she was cold (which you know is a hint to put my arms around her right? lol). I wanted to, but lack of clarity hindered me. I'm not talking about if she wanted me to wrap my arms around her, but just the clarity of me and her actually being in a relationship. Obviously I didn't wanna mislead her. If I wasn't saved, this wouldn't be a problem...I'll probably just satisfy the flesh and what the flesh wants me to do, but obviously not with her! Being saved now, I'm more sensitive....and plus I know what I want, and she wasn't really what I wanted but again my 'list'(what I want in a woman)....I have decided to not heed to it.

So I didn't anyway lol! So I dropped her home (conversating in the car obviously), and then headed back to my house. Texted briefly when I got home, and after that day...I didn't really want to keep the 'fire' burning so I didn't really contact her regularly, but we still talk.

One thing I think I should work on is being double minded ("Having different minds at different times", "unsettled," "undetermined") . The bible warns us against being double minded, I have to know what I want and only pursue the kind of girl I want.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Hey guys, I havn't really been updating my blog for a while now. Sorry about that, it's due to me being busy of recent, and now I have even started work. But I'll hopefully post some stuff today after work depending. Later guys, and God bless!

p.s. I might start doing memoirs, lol.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Joan Smalls and Raquel Zimmermann for Gucci!

I have don about 2 posts on this campaign because more photos have been surfacing, so I thought instead of just uploading the new ones, lemme jst post all of the ones I have. So here are the ones I have so far...beautiful. Congrats to Joan Smalls again. Enjoy!

Source: Fashion Goen Rogue

Mariacarla Boscono in W Magazine!

One of my favourite models, Mariacarla, features in an editorial for this month's issue of the W magazine. The editorial is beautiful to me, I like unique stuff like this, and Mariacarla makes it even better....she's like a perfect fit for it, or she just makes it happen. Enjoy!

Source: Jeremy Dante
Photographer: Clement Chabernaud

Monday, 19 July 2010

Etro Menswear SS/2011!

Etro had some nice stuff in their collection. Enjoy!

Source: Zimbio

Natasha Poly in Vogue Nippon!

I don't know how I don't have any posts on one of my most favourite models Natasha Poly...this is the first! Smh. She is even ranking at no.2 of the top models in the world. Natasha is on the cover of Vogue Nippon September 2010 (to me its a bit early to show the cover for a september issue right?). Enjoy!

Source: Oh Fashion Model

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Karlie Kloss in Vogue US, August 2010!

Karlie Kloss features in an editorial for US Vogue August 2010. She looks beautiful in this editorial (in which she shows her softer side) and the first photo is the best to me. Enjoy!

Source: Oh Fashion Model

More Jourdan Dunn for Victoria's Secret!

Last month or so, I posted photos of Jourdan Dunn in the catalog for Victoria's Secret, and now more photos have surfaced. This is one of the main works I have seen Jourdan in since she has been back to work after she had her baby. She was also in a show for New York Fashion week or something.... so yeah I'm looking forward to seeing her more. Random: I want Jourdan to marry me! lol!...if she is saved then it's all good ;)

Source: Beauty Is Diverse

Friday, 16 July 2010

Joan Smalls & Mariacarla Boscono for Givenchy Fall 2010!

The Givenchy campaign before this one was interesting to me not just because Mariacarla was part of it...their campaigns are unique too. Now for this fall, they have done another campaign nw featuring Joan Smalls, who is also featuring in the campaign for Gucci...nice one! The models having red hair is general I like this campaign too. Enjoy!

Source: Beauty Is Diverse 

Thursday, 15 July 2010

R'el Dade in Blend Magazine!

Model R'el (pronounced as 'real' btw) appears in an editorial shot by Navo for Blend Magazine. This is a good look for R'el Dade as she models well and I haven't really seen her in a lot of editorials, so its definately a breath of fresh air seeing her in one now. The photos are cool, and well done to her. Enjoy!

Source: Jeremy Dante
Photgrapher: Navo

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chrishelle Stubs for Banana Republic!

I recently did a model spotlight post on Chrishelle Stubs if you are not familiar with her. Anyway here she models outfits made by Banana Republic Heritage and Monogram Collections. on their website looking beautiful. These are just some of the photographs. Enjoy!

Source: Beauty Is Diverse

Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi for Nordstrom!

The beautiful, NIGERIAN (lol thats my country!!!) model Oluchi features in the catalogue for Nordstrom. She's always smiling which is quite calming to me, and she should carry on! Lovely smile. Enjoy!

Source: Black Supermodels Chronicles
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