Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Karlie Kloss in Dior F/W 2010 Ad Campaign!

Check out that 'stare' though! Karlie Kloss is doing it big and I am happy for her...I think she is 17 or 18 now, not sure. Anyway she appears in the new campaign for Dior and she has been it's face for a while now. I think I have seen like 3 different campaign photos of Dior with her in it. This is one picture I haave of the campaign and I guess...I don't think Dior do multiple like some other designers but if more surface, I am likely to post it. Enjoy!
 Source: Fashion Without Limits

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Hey peeps what's happening?! Hey guys, as I stated earlier I'm on holiday and I'm glad I am far from Portsmouth lol. Next week is going to be quite busy for me so I might hardly be posting things, but will definately try to though. So for now, here are some photos of random editorials that I particularly like featuring models of my interest, lol. Enjoy!

Monday, 28 June 2010

United Colors of Benetton Fall 2010 Campaign!

I like United Colors of Bennetton, and always look forward to their campaigns...mainly because they always use diverse models...models of different ethnicities, and their clothes and stylings are cool too. This is just one photo of the campaign that I got hold of, but more will soon start showing up on the net, and I will post them. The main colour of the clothes are black, which is my favourite colour really, but nowadays I tend to deviate from wearing it, lol. Also, a model I recognise is Abiah Hostvedt who is 3rd from the left. He is with Red Model Management. Enjoy!

Source: The Fashionisto

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sessilee Lopez in Paper Magazine!

 This photoshoot looks like it was so much fun, lol! Sessilee Lopez features in an editorial with her boyfriend/model Wendell Lissimore. I really like the vibe of the photoshoot and the oldies stuff...its really a good look. Enjoy!

Source: Beauty Is Diverse

Viktor + Rolf Spring Collection 2010/2011

Viktor + Rolf came out with some outfits that I like. Check them out, enjoy!

Source: Jeremy Dante

D & G Summer/Spring Collection 2010/2011

Mostly simple styles, but less simple patterns and textures...I like it! Enjoy!

Source: Jeremy Dante

Friday, 25 June 2010

So Yeah...

Nevermind my post titles, lol, they can be so random. Anyway I haven't written anything on my blog for a while, and its not due to any particular reason, I just haven't. But yeah being in Christ, God shows you a lot of things, even if your not a Christian, He still speaks to you sometimes. But anyway, I learnt what I am about to share through facebook, lol, it may be common sense to a few but I just learnt.

Anyway with my faith, I believe you can mis-interprete a lot of stuff. People mix opinions, traditions, etc, with the TRUE word of God. When this happens, God's Word is not taught, so things begin to seem so complicated or even easier and sometimes it doesn't make sense. People start to become hyporites and double minded and that is not of God. I try not to judge people and stuff but for example, people who PREACH that you should'nt listen to secular music, but are the same people that watch secular movies look very stupid to me! I mean...I'm not trying to have a problem with some people, but you can say it's different all you want but it doesn't make sense to me. I am not encouraging endulging in bad things, but yeah.

Anyway back to what I wanted to say and I hope I deliever this point well. When someone says something, another person who believes that same thing will support you and encourage you....this does not mean what your saying is right! But this leads to the person continuing preaching or doing what they think is right...and this is very scary, especially when it comes to the Word of God... This is one of the reasons why when I advise, I try to emphaise one the word ADVICE because I always want someone to do what is Godly, and too have a personal relationship with God through Christ and most of all, what I say has to be scriptural. There are certain people who preach different doctrines and stuff and I am like wow.Even watch out for some pastors.

Anyway, we should always check ourselves against the Word of God because that is the RAW truth. I have come to a stage in my life where I know who I can ask some things from or advice...its not everyone I listen to way! I have learnt my lesson. But most of all, the answer we need is in God's word...but its not bad asking trustworthy people anyway. So thats all I have to say now really. Hope everyone's good? lol. Blessings

John Varvatos Spring Collection!

I have never heard of this designer but I was really feeling his clothes that I just had to post some of what I like. P.s. I really don't wanna rock trainers anymore, lol.  Enjoy!

Source: Jeremy Dante

Prada Sping Collection!

So its men's fashion week and I like what I am seeing. Prada showed their collection which I am feeling. It's a breat of fresh air from the current trend (though I still like the current trend) as the clothes have different cuts, no rolling up of trousers, and the clothes are more loose. Denim still seem to be trendy, thank God. Anyway here are some photos of what I like from the collection (maybe not the huge shorts though but they are interesting...), enjoy!

Source: Jeremy Dante
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