Friday, 30 April 2010


Ok so I am getting old now, lol. *sigh*, I have dreamt and fantasised so many times about my wife, and how being married will be like and stuff, and you know what, I CAN'T WAIT!!! Lol. When I tell this to some people, they are usually like 'marraige is not easy you know', and yes I know, but I know that with God in my life, everything is cool, and with God as the foundation, what is built can never crumble. Yes I believe that, even if you have heard or seen pastors getting divorced, I am not them, and you are not them too so don't lose faith.

Anyway, I think when you enter a relationship, the aim of it should be obviously to grow in Christ and..... some people may not agree, but if you enter into a relationship with someone, it should be because you care about the person, and you want to be with them right? So if your in a relationship (the stage before you get married) you should give it ur 100%, just the way a builder works hard to build a very nice house. Things and situations will come your way to test your relationship, so I say, stand your ground and don't give up!

Its also very important that you get into a relationship when your ready. Yes life is a continuous learning process, but I mean ready as in.... your ready to make it work. Speaking from past experiences, lol (im no player), I have learnt a lot actually and that is part of the reason why I am saying all this. You might have heard all this before, but it has probaly become cliche, so really and truly, take this advice!!!

But yeah back to the topic, lol. I am definately looking for the wifey right about now, and I have my lists of wants hehe. But the list is not too important anyway because in my last relationship, the girl wasn't really what I wanted physically, but she was beautiful both on the inside and out, and with a honest heart, it was mostly what was on the inside that was most attractive to me. May I also add that physical appearance is important, but it shouldn't be the most important because looks change overtime boi, and like I heard someone say before, you wouldn't just want to make love to your wife because she is beautiful because when you guys are older, there wil be no more love making, lol! SMH.

So yeah, I am going to be talking to a lot of girls hopefully, to get to know them and stuff, so I can find this woman that God wants for me. I'm still kind of holding on to my list, but I don't want that to blind my spiritual eyes when looking for her. And who knows, she might even be a friend now, lol.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Yo peeps how are y'all doing? lol. The past 2 days have felt quite good for me. I have been doing more things for God (that I know of anyway, because Christ is in me so somethings are probably just natural and I may not even know when I'm doing them), like being part of an event to glorify His name, and talking to a friend about Christ and just carrying His image wherever I go. I mean....doing things for God has to be executed everyday anyway (because of the desire we SHOULD have to shine as His children and to show people this magnificent Love that loves us), but it felt more special because right now, God is cleaning my heart from religious junk that I used to believe in before, so I can say I am more sincere in my actions and thoughts.  I feel more free...which is what the Jesus says He gives people.

Anyway, I have been reading this bible passage, and I want you guyz to read it too, it needs to be read!!! Its Romans 12 vs 9 - 21. This scripture is too beautiful and convicting, and its something I have been dwelling on for some time now. I like the bible because it doesn't beat about the bush. For example, vs 9 says Love MUST be sincere. Also, you should be DEVOTED to one another above yourselves! BOOM! Lol. I feel that definately lacks in my life and a lot of others (though I should work on myself), but really and truly, God's intention was for Heaven to be on Earth so lets try and make our surroundings be as close to what Heaven is like as much as we can. No one is perfect, but that continuous effort to do good is very important. I want to be able to say that I love may the Lord help me. The bible says, you can prophecy, speak in tongues, etc, but if you have no love, then its all for nothing. The bible states what true love is, and lets dwell on that peeps.

I may have gone a bit off topic (lol), but hey, at least you get to read two subjects in one post. Lol. But yeah, let's put in more effort guys, its only godly. There will be people that will irritate you, but read what Romans 12 vs 18 says.

Oh yeah another things, keep your true friends close to you, trust me, it helps big time. You can be of help to one another. Blessings y'all!

Vogue Brasil May 2010 Cover!

Vogue Brasil celebrate their 35th Anniversary in May, and to celebrate, they feature Brazillian models/supermodels on their cover including my models of interest Caroline Trentini (gold jacket), Gracie Carvalho (in the silver dress), and Emmanuela de Paula (gold long dress). The cover is cool..... enjoy!

McQ by Alexander McQueen Fall 2010!

So it seems as though boots are going to be in trend for a while....might need to get another pair now, lol. Model Dan Felton poses for a lookbook for McQ Fall 2010, and I must say that I am definately feeling the outfits. They have that vintage feel to them and I like the dull colours used (since that is what I usually wear). I really like the grey suit and the outfit in the 2nd image. The 3 quater shorts and trousers underneath.... I don't think I can rock that, lol, but who knows, lol. Enjoy!

Source: Red Models

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Selita Ebanks in Ocean Drive!

Model Selita Ebanks, who is more popular for modelling for Victoria's Secret, appears on the cover for Ocean Drive magazine for the March 2010 issue (so I'm a bit late on this one) and also features in an editorial, and an interview. Its a simple editorial with cool clothes and striking poses. Enjoy!
Source: Fashionising

Source: Fashionising

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Emmanuella de Paula for Osklen Campaign!

Brazilian model Emmanuela de Paul, who has been one of the faces of Next for quite a while now, features in the Osklen Spring / Summer 2010 campaign. The shots are pretty simple, but are still eye catching. Here are just some of the outtakes from the campaign, enjoy!

Source: Fashionising

Photographer: Rio de Janeiro (not 100% sure)

Monday, 26 April 2010


Hmmmnn, lol. I'm feeling a bit funny (unhappy feeling) today, I don't know if its because I know the amount of coursework I have left to do, or if it is because of some of the people around me and their behaviour (although I have to take note that no one is perfect). I have realised you cant please everyone, but when your in the Spirit, you do the best God has placed in you to do so therefore, I am happy and hope I always be in the Spirit.

God definately helps those who help themselves (although out of His mercy, He can still help no doubt), but I have captured myself asking God to make me feel better, but after, I still dwell on the same see, that doesn't help at all right? So I definately need to fix up right about now, strengthen myself in the Lord and again, thank God for what ever I'm feeling, and the situations. He has allowed some things to happen so I am just going to trust Him. He will finish the work He has started in me. So yhhhhh!!! I'm feeling better already after writing that! It's a nice day anyway, and I am aliive and have the priviledge of doing a LOT of things. Thank You Lord!

Kinee Diouf for Arise Magazine, April 2010 #9!

Kinee Diouf appears on the cover of Arise Magazine, the April issue, and also appears in an editorial in it. The editorial is very simple (though I wish it was more dynamic because Kinee can definately pull that off and be creative, but she also pulls this off too). She looks beautiful, and I like the traditional outfits. Enjoy!

Source: M O D E L S
Photographer: Nicolai Fischer

D&G Spring Summer 2009/2010 Show!

One of the best outfits and styles I have seen on the runway in a while! Enjoy!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Poetic feat Jonsow - Playing God!

This is a song by one of my friends, Poetic! He is an up and coming (coming HARD, HALLELUYAH!), artist from the UK, and this is just one of his songs that are on youtube (his got more coming). Its definately a reminder to put your faith in God. Sometimes when situations occur, we tend to just start thinking and planning things for ourselves when really, we should put our faith in God since He holds our lives, so therefore we should trust Him in all that happens and respond to situations in His manner or ways. Oh yeah, and don't forget praise, lol. This is no ritual, its just something that needs to flow out of us when the darts of life try to harm us. Enjoy!

For The Love of Boat Shoes!

At first I actually didn't like boat shoes, but after some time passed, I started to eye them up, lol! Ladies and gentlemen I present to you (if you don't already know), BOAT SHOES!!! I recently got a pair, but I definately want 1 or 2 more. I love the combination of different colours you can have on the shoes (which you only usually get with trainers or sneakers but now you can have it on a shoe!!! muahahaha), and it usually goes with anything, whether your wearing rolled up jeans, shorts, trousers, jeans..., just beautiful. They also come in different styles, although personally, I just stick to the normal ankle ones. They are also available for women too, with some coming with platform heels. Generally, I must say Timberland produce the ones I prefer... that I have seen anyway. Maybe because I am more into wearing dull colours, but yeah... lol. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lakshmi Menon in Vogue España, May 2010!

When I first started to see Lakshmi on the runways, I was like ok, she definately looks like a model (the bone structure is beautiful), but but interest for her didn't really arise till a few months later, and she has now become one of my favourites, lol. She is from an Indian descent, and is signed to the Supreme Model Management agency. She features in this editorial for Vogue Espana for the May 2010 issue.I don't neccessarily like editorials with just a plain background like this, but she makes it cool. Enjoy!

Source: Jeremy dante
Photographer: Tesh

Some Street Fashion!

 I just love effortless style...smh

Source: some from Trendy Crew

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sessilee Lopez For Harper's Bazaar Espana!

Sessilee Sessilee, definately a model that has been busy as of recent. She appears in the May issue of Harper's Bazaar Espana. Again she does a good job (might be biased because I like her, lol) in this editorial. I like the lighting of the editorial, and the shadows that it has created, giving it a different look. Anyway view the pics, enjoy!

 Source: Beauty is Diverse
Photographer: Xevi Mutane
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