Friday, 11 June 2010

Carrot Jeans/Trousers!

At first I wasn't really feeling these jeans, because I didn't like the fact it kinda came out when the female version was I thought it was feminine, but hey, skinny jeans were for girls first, and I wear them, lol! Anyway, after observing more and seeing people rock it nicely, I now like them *thumbs up*! I really like the one in the first picture, check them out!


  1. Hey Timi, You just motivated me to dig up a pair of carrot jeans i got from Zara sometimes late last year. It really looks like the first one. And i hope they don't replace my love for the 'the skinny jeans'. And at least with the carrots there are no fear of having wedgies. LOL! ! !

  2. loool @ wedgies! no problem bro


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