Saturday, 3 April 2010

Keeping Standards!

Hi guys, I just want to express myself briefly about something. As i was watching a movie (a Nigerian movie to be precise), i acknowledged how the Nigerian movie industry is starting to show a lot can i say this...more sexual stuff in the movies. Now, Nigeria is a place where morality is upheld, and I am not saying showing these stuff in the movie is wrong (im not saying its right either... it depends on the motive and how it is done really but I am not encouraging it),  but it never used to be shown at this current level, so I ask myself, is the Nigerian movie industry conforming to the ways of Hollywood.

Not to deviate into the whole Nigerian movie scene, I just realised that in this life, things change, but make sure your vigilante and you always remain true to the God given standards for this life. Trust me, they will benefit you, and the world whether you don't believe as you think about it now. Even with me and fashion, I know my limits when it comes to clothes and i have seen some  no no's in the male fashion industry, e.g. shorts that go as high as above your knee, and v neck shirts that are really deep, and trousers that are really tight. Some may like these kind of things with pure motives, but then again, c'mon, men have to be men lol! It's a good thing for a guy to have style, but there are standards, and its also true for ladies too! Hope everyone is good anyway! Have a blessed day!

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