Thursday, 29 April 2010


Yo peeps how are y'all doing? lol. The past 2 days have felt quite good for me. I have been doing more things for God (that I know of anyway, because Christ is in me so somethings are probably just natural and I may not even know when I'm doing them), like being part of an event to glorify His name, and talking to a friend about Christ and just carrying His image wherever I go. I mean....doing things for God has to be executed everyday anyway (because of the desire we SHOULD have to shine as His children and to show people this magnificent Love that loves us), but it felt more special because right now, God is cleaning my heart from religious junk that I used to believe in before, so I can say I am more sincere in my actions and thoughts.  I feel more free...which is what the Jesus says He gives people.

Anyway, I have been reading this bible passage, and I want you guyz to read it too, it needs to be read!!! Its Romans 12 vs 9 - 21. This scripture is too beautiful and convicting, and its something I have been dwelling on for some time now. I like the bible because it doesn't beat about the bush. For example, vs 9 says Love MUST be sincere. Also, you should be DEVOTED to one another above yourselves! BOOM! Lol. I feel that definately lacks in my life and a lot of others (though I should work on myself), but really and truly, God's intention was for Heaven to be on Earth so lets try and make our surroundings be as close to what Heaven is like as much as we can. No one is perfect, but that continuous effort to do good is very important. I want to be able to say that I love may the Lord help me. The bible says, you can prophecy, speak in tongues, etc, but if you have no love, then its all for nothing. The bible states what true love is, and lets dwell on that peeps.

I may have gone a bit off topic (lol), but hey, at least you get to read two subjects in one post. Lol. But yeah, let's put in more effort guys, its only godly. There will be people that will irritate you, but read what Romans 12 vs 18 says.

Oh yeah another things, keep your true friends close to you, trust me, it helps big time. You can be of help to one another. Blessings y'all!

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