Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Reading the Bible!

Sometimes I find it hard to pick up my Bible, sit down and read.... then I think, the interest of knowing God's Word should be increased in my life, lol. On a real though, I thank Him that I feel very funny/weird when I don't holla at Him enough, or read His Word more, so I know the connection has been established. But I guess now, it requires me to put in some work to actually get up, walk towards it (even if I was doing something else), and get to know my Father main. For me it's not that bad though, because the internet (which is where I spend most of time) has made me know God's Word aswell via facebook, bible gateway, etc....but I still desire that quite time with the Bible itself anyway.... you know...that coolness.

So yeah, let's attack that thing holding us back from reading the Word, and build our relationship with God keeping in mind that you should apply what you have read, to your life (its the beginning of wisdom). Have a nice day ladies and gentlemen!


  1. I fully agree Timi... I need to get bk in contact.. I'm losing myself..

    Chrissy x


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