Sunday, 18 April 2010


Im feeling good this morning after coming back from Church. The topic today was praise, and you know what, over some time I have learnt that our minds are limited compared to God's, and if you claim to have given your life to Christ, you should sit back and praise Him in all things. This is where I can say I believe in the saying that 'everything happens for a reason'. Take note that I am talking to myslef here aswell.

But seriously, isn't it crazy how God loves us regardless of our stupidness (no excuse whatsoever that we should continue in stupidness though)? Situations may seem crazily crazy, but you have a God greater than anything who can and will solve things if you believe. Let's not try to feel sorry for ourselves (making ourselves more emotional), I am aware things hurt, but pray for the strengthening of your faith to guide you through what life throws at you.

Finally, when things are solved, which they WILL be, don't forget to go back and thank the Father once again. Peace y'all!


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