Friday, 30 April 2010


Ok so I am getting old now, lol. *sigh*, I have dreamt and fantasised so many times about my wife, and how being married will be like and stuff, and you know what, I CAN'T WAIT!!! Lol. When I tell this to some people, they are usually like 'marraige is not easy you know', and yes I know, but I know that with God in my life, everything is cool, and with God as the foundation, what is built can never crumble. Yes I believe that, even if you have heard or seen pastors getting divorced, I am not them, and you are not them too so don't lose faith.

Anyway, I think when you enter a relationship, the aim of it should be obviously to grow in Christ and..... some people may not agree, but if you enter into a relationship with someone, it should be because you care about the person, and you want to be with them right? So if your in a relationship (the stage before you get married) you should give it ur 100%, just the way a builder works hard to build a very nice house. Things and situations will come your way to test your relationship, so I say, stand your ground and don't give up!

Its also very important that you get into a relationship when your ready. Yes life is a continuous learning process, but I mean ready as in.... your ready to make it work. Speaking from past experiences, lol (im no player), I have learnt a lot actually and that is part of the reason why I am saying all this. You might have heard all this before, but it has probaly become cliche, so really and truly, take this advice!!!

But yeah back to the topic, lol. I am definately looking for the wifey right about now, and I have my lists of wants hehe. But the list is not too important anyway because in my last relationship, the girl wasn't really what I wanted physically, but she was beautiful both on the inside and out, and with a honest heart, it was mostly what was on the inside that was most attractive to me. May I also add that physical appearance is important, but it shouldn't be the most important because looks change overtime boi, and like I heard someone say before, you wouldn't just want to make love to your wife because she is beautiful because when you guys are older, there wil be no more love making, lol! SMH.

So yeah, I am going to be talking to a lot of girls hopefully, to get to know them and stuff, so I can find this woman that God wants for me. I'm still kind of holding on to my list, but I don't want that to blind my spiritual eyes when looking for her. And who knows, she might even be a friend now, lol.


  1. Preach Rotexto!!! I totally agree... i think this also applies to ladies, it's sooo easy to be lead by emotions which most of the time it's not the best thing to do because the can cloud you rationality and make you do things that after a couple of minutes you start questioning and sometimes also regret.
    It's important to understand, that when it comes to relationships.... THERE IS NOOOO RUSH!!!! just let go be you steering wheel and sooner or later you will get to your treasure!!!

    I'm proud of you timi!!!:D

  2. Preach it too!
    Being led by emotions is so easy but at the same time so wrong, smh. just do what is right! God help us


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