Monday, 2 August 2010


Hey guys! So I arrived at work today, and in the office, the was a pastor preaching (hopefully he will come every monday because this is a nice way to start the week at work). So I sat down and started to listen and like.....I thank God big time! Its like the pastor came to preach about something that I needed to hear at this certain time in my life....its things like this that make me know more that God really does care.

The pastor was preaching about favour mainly, and how some people leave their house to go to work or something, and they don't make it. That it is not about the 'righteous' acts that we do (although it is important to represent the Lord in all we do), but it is by His grace, that He is kind, loving, forgiving, grants us favour, etc! We should always be grateful for what we have btw, because other people have less or other people have more, but they are not as happy. God grants favour at anytime.

A scripture comes to mind that talks about the angels asking God why He cares about like filthy beings like us....thats how much undeserving we are of His love! We can't even get mad at the angels because we know what we do say or think, lol, but by His grace again He cleans us.

God loves you, and you occupy His mind. With this small knowledge that we have of His love, let us live better. What I mean is that, know that you don't have to convince God to give you something or shout soo loud in prayer or something, lol. He is not like some of our parents or other people that we might be under their care, His love is beyond all of that. Murderes live to see another day don't they? Thats love that a lot of people can't give. He actually wants the best for You and wants you to trust Him. If you pray about something, and it doesn't happen, you know what? Trust Him even more. There is a reason for it that would be so beneficial to your life.....I have slightly gone off topic, lol, but thats the way I am really.

Have a blessed week ahead of you!

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