Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hey guys, I just remembered that I used to do quite a lot of 'gisting' with you guys, but kinda slowed down with that and gave you more of fashion and model posts. Anyway in one of my posts in April or so, I said I was going to start dating again after a recent break up with my ex girlfriend.

So I recently went on a 'date' with a girl I knew through one of my friends...and it was a cool day. Me and her had a 'friendship' relationship although we had different feelings towards each other (feelings of.... eros kinda thing, lol), so my mind was definately open to starting something with this girl.

I don't wanna give too much details out incase she reads this...I don't want things to be awkward between me and her, lol!

So yeah we went to a restaurant to eat, and we chatted up a bit...and I got to know her more.She's a Christian too, attractive, nice shape, and defo not a shy person, lol! I knew she liked me and I kinda liked her, but her knowing a lot of boys, kinda...not put me off, but I was like whoa! Lol. Not that it intimidates me, but I wasn't too comfortable with some stuff she was saying...I think she was tryna show that a lot of guys were interested in her or something so I won't be overly proud or something. *shrugging*....oh and I paid for the food too, lol!

So after, we went to see a movie...and while seeing the movie, she kept saying she was cold (which you know is a hint to put my arms around her right? lol). I wanted to, but lack of clarity hindered me. I'm not talking about if she wanted me to wrap my arms around her, but just the clarity of me and her actually being in a relationship. Obviously I didn't wanna mislead her. If I wasn't saved, this wouldn't be a problem...I'll probably just satisfy the flesh and what the flesh wants me to do, but obviously not with her! Being saved now, I'm more sensitive....and plus I know what I want, and she wasn't really what I wanted but again my 'list'(what I want in a woman)....I have decided to not heed to it.

So I didn't anyway lol! So I dropped her home (conversating in the car obviously), and then headed back to my house. Texted briefly when I got home, and after that day...I didn't really want to keep the 'fire' burning so I didn't really contact her regularly, but we still talk.

One thing I think I should work on is being double minded ("Having different minds at different times", "unsettled," "undetermined") . The bible warns us against being double minded, I have to know what I want and only pursue the kind of girl I want.


  1. "Hey guys, I just remembered that I used to do quite a lot of 'gisting' with you guys, but kinda slowed down with that and gave you more of fashion and model posts." Hallelujah ooooo! FINALLY smh.

    hawt damn! i can only imagine if she actually reads this... lol hilarity just might ensue :P
    but what exactly d'u mean by 'her knowing a lot of boys' tho?
    n i get what u mean about the double-mindedness, but are you absolutely positively certain that it's God's perfect will for you as well? cuz if not... you just might be passing up something good.. #justsaying sha :P

  2. lol! if anything happens, i'l just be a man and address it.
    she kept sayin stuff lik 'oh dis guy wants to tak me out' and stuff...slightly tryna make me jealous maybe?
    By God's grace, His will be done in my life, but although im attracted to her...she jst wasnt who i want...things might change maybe if i get to know her more or something

  3. Ohhhh we praise God HAHAHHA!!
    I was holding my breathe until you said "I have decided to not heed to it." I exhaled looool
    Anyways how can she be cold in Nigeria is it winter over there or something lmao.
    But you didnt explain why you didn't take it any further since she had a "nice figure" Pahahaha!
    Rotimi i cant wait till u come back!!

  4. excellent post, everything we do should be to the glory of God even when it comes to dating!

  5. " debrina....loooooooool!
    ofcourse i ddnt heed to it, im a man of God!
    and shut it! d cinemas have air conditioning u knw, smh
    and its not only d nice figure dat is gonna mak me want her innit so yeah.
    i knwww! lool

    @coconut, it definately should be


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