Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Silversmith!

Yo guys what it do?! There was a day I got a broadcast message on my bb, and it touched me so much that I still meditate on it now and then. This is like a summary of what it said:

Theres a passage in the bible (please if you know it, comment on this post with the book, chapter and verse please) where God is referred to as a silversmith (a craftsperson who makes objects from silver and/or gold). So there was a woman at a bible studdy who didn't know what a silversmith was (no one in the bible knew what it was), so she made a deal with everyone that she would do research during the week and then come back with details at the next bible study. 

So she did research and she got information on how a silversmith does his job so she could know why the particular passage referred to God as a silversmith. Basically the silversmith puts the 'silver' in fire, not only fire, but in the middle of it where it is hottest. This is because the silver has to get really hot before it fully becomes silver (please bare with me with my baby english lol). Not only that, but the silversmith keeps a close eye on the silver so it won''t burn, and the silversmith knows the silver is ready when the silversmith can see his reflection in it and then he pulls out the silver you see what I see?

What I got from this is that, besides being thankful doing trials and tribulations because other people may be going through worse things, you should also be thankful and joyous because God is allowing a process or taking you through it in order for you to become like Him or reflect His image which should be an aim for believers.

Now I know the world has a saying of 'what ever doesnt kill you makes you stronger', which is somehow true, but people of the world usually change in a way that is not good. For example, after being through what they went through, they no longer trust certain type of people, or they never do this or that (I'm talking about things that are not of God, things that God says we SHOULD do and feel to our fellow people), but what God wants us to do is different. Like, for example, in a trial, even if someone did something bad to you, you should still feed them and give them you understand what I mean? Like during the rocky times, we should still do the things we are meant to do despite the situation. And its partly through doing this and His grace that we reflect His image and become more like Him... and someone who can stil be godly in trials and tribulations is one strong person! We should in no way become victims of society.

Hope you guys understand what I am saying? Well I'm out! I wanna do some chillin, lol. Blessings!

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