Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Ok so I'm about to tell you a true life story of something that is going on with someone I know, and I won't mind knowing what you guys think. I am not an author, so please forgive if this does not have metaphors, personifications and all those literature stuff, lol. Anyway it involves two people, and let's call them Beyonce and Jermaine (lol, don't ask).

Jermaine and Beyonce have been going out for a while and Beyonce is really in love with Jermaine, but as for Jermaine being in love with her... lets say being 'in love' with her is not the case (typical? I won’t particularly say it is but let’s carry on). Beyonce to Jermaine is a cool girl, nice looking (in accordance with his tastes). Not that he is holding back, but he doesn't see himself marrying her or being in love with her but the relationship is still on.

I just want to express an opinion briefly before I carry on - I feel you should always enter or start something with the right motive…. This strengthens the foundation. Jermaine wasn’t really looking for a serious relationship, but I guess just wanted to see what would happen really. I am saying this in reference to something that I will express later. Anyway they have gone through quite a lot during the course of their relationship (friends butting in and stuff…not a good look), and that hasn’t helped matters as it has even put Jermaine off even more. They have broken up and got back together and stuff, and rumours have been spread around and stuff like that but yet, he is still in the relationship.

Now things have come to a dangerous stage. Beyonce is deeply in love (she doesn’t want to let go) and Jermaine is still not in love with her but loves her (big difference). If Jermaine should decide to break up with her, then this is going to be some serious case for her from what I know. She is like…gonna go crazy! This is why I raised the matter in the previous paragraph that you shouldn’t enter things with the wrong motive, especially relationships because like in this case, you are indirectly playing with someone’s heart and emotions, especially if you are not serious and this could lead to serious things.

Jermaine recently asked that what happens when you have a friend that is what you want in a wife? I was like ahhhhhhh! I understood where he was coming from because he has seen what he likes, but at the same time, I felt it was wrong to entertain that thought because he was presently in a relationship. I said he should try and work it out with Beyonce, and if it doesn’t work…he should get ready for the potential consequences. If anything, he should get out of the relationship before moving on to the next but some how, I feel that is greed? I dunno. I feel when you’re in a relationship, your eyes shouldn’t be elsewhere, so I wouldn’t advice him to go with the other girl Ciara (lol) because its like…cheating in a game. I personally don’t think things will work out with Ciara because it will be like sowing a bad seed….like, you’re in a relationship but you do something you’re not meant to do, so basically, you have sown a bad seed. This is just an opinion anyway but yeah. It’s a …..whats done in the dark will come out in the light kinda thing, lol, maybe not as serious as that, but yeah.

Anyway now, Beyonce and Jermaine are still together. You definitely can’t force a relationship to work, and the blame can not be put on the guy, Jermaine, alone. I think Beyonce is part to blame for putting so much of her security and happiness in a man that your not married too…because if anything happens, it’s going to hurt. Jermaine is trying to make things work so he is not like a bad guy but yeah.

Definitely going to pray about the situation, but I know all this could have been avoided but I guess life is a learning course, and it’s wise to learn from all mistakes. God allows certain things for our own good. What do y’all think?


  1. The real Jermaine13 May 2010 at 04:09

    Since you've had a couple opinions already, would it be safe 2 ask if you think the couple should berak up, or should I say, Jermaine should break up with Beyonce?

  2. I'm not the type to tell someone to break up with someone else. If you end up getting back together, you guys would be like 'yh but timi said we shud break up', lol. i wont advice anyone to do so too.

    but yeah, i wont advice such strong action, but at the end of the day, its between you and the person. what do you think is right for you? what are your intentions with the whole relationship?

    p.s. a message for y'all, i never said i am a relationship expert, lol


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