Sunday, 9 May 2010


Hey guys, I have been revived for a while now, and I just feel like saying something, lol! I think what people should realise is that God loves us beyond what we can imagine. I'm sure even if we get a lil bruise on our leg or something, He is concerned. 'Religion' and people's perception of how we should be, has kind of set people into the mindset that we... are not righteous in His sight, which makes us think low of ourselves (though we still have to be humble), but we need to realise the truth and walk in it! This however makes no excuse for us to carry on living in sin and stuff ;)

Also, I feel more real now, as in, my walk with Christ, I feel I understand it more, rather than just obeying what everyone says kind of thing (although yes we should listen to advice).  The relationship between me and God has been feeling more intimate and its a beautiful thing. I have been reading my bible more frequently, meditating on the word more (which does a lot!), and being aware of my surroundings, emotions, and getting ready to use the Word as my shield and sword when circumstances come my way!

One thing I want is for God to shine in all areas of my life, whether it be my humour, speech, actions, swagger (lol), you know, I really want to die to myself (which is sinful) and just let His name be lifted high. But this will be shown by my actions and steps to actually seek Him.


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