Friday, 21 May 2010

Gladiator Sandals for Men?

Forgive men I'm a bit late on this on...So I came across images of gladiator sandals for men and I was surprised, while some look...wearable for me, some are lik whoa! lol. I'm not too comfortable with the idea and the look of some of the sandals, but the one's I like will definately go well with chino's...even slim jeans or soemthing. Check them out!

Source: Fashion Beans


  1. lol. omg. ew. NO.

  2. euuuuughhhh lool,
    they are gross,
    but i don't know they will probably grow on me, these times the mans feet will have to be beautifully manicured..
    cough cough timi!!
    yuk lol!

  3. to be honest, most of them r ugly, and i dnt rily lik d idea. but the more simplier ones luk nice tho

  4. i like those but i dont know wer to buy it

  5. u can get them from online stores like ASOS and stuff


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