Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Yo, what it do peeps?! I just finished chatting with a friend a couple of hours ago, and thought I should share with you what me and her (yeah its another post for the ladies, lol, more ladies come on this blog anyway) were chatting about.

Basically my friend (who is born again) was seeing a guy, and things were going cool and stuff. She said she err...kinda was holding back to show the guy or give him an impression that she wasn't desperate so to say. I understand what she meant but I'm not really settling with that idea, lol. I am not trying to say its wrong, but I believe you should be yourself....because I mean if the guy turns out to be some doosh, then you just drop him innit?! Anyway let me continue.

They are not seeing each other anymore. This was partly but mostly due to him acting differently towards here.....he had an 'I dont care' attitude towards her. There was a time she said the words 'I love you' to him, and after she said that, he laughed....

Ok this is where it gets a bit complicated. He used to tell her that he loved her too, but she used to laugh at it. So it got me thinking...I am guy too, and I kind of think he might have said that out of revenge...which is something I could have done too....although I would say its not right though. So I couldn't really speak against him because of that. Btw the guy isn't saved, which got me raising my eyebrow, smh,..... you Christian girls that go for bad boys and guys that are not saved...you make us look like softies, lol...you should desire a godly man. Your lucky its not hard for me to get with a girl unless I would have been vicious in this post, lol! Nah just joking. Anyway thats a story for another time......so yeah basically, I wasn't in support of the 'relationship' lol!

So supposedly, after this had happen, the 'relationship' went cold, but the end of it wasn't quite straight forward. She knew that he wasn't right for her, but she had fell in love with him, hence the title of this post, EMOTIONS! Peeps, even including us guys, being led by emotions is so not wise. I am not even talking about sadness or happiness, I mean all emotions like anger. Let us know what is right, and use the Word of God to rebuke any contradictory thing in our lives. But as I am typing this, I do remember a verse in the bible talking about certain emotions we should always have, like being compassionate, etc (Colossians 3 vs 12). This does not neccessarily mean we should be led by them as we should be led by the Spirit in all we do, the Spirit who can expose dark secrets so we don't fall into pits.

She found it difficult to let go...because she fell in love with him. Its not bad to fall in love but please be aware you can fall in love with the wrong person. The bible says out of the heart....comes ungodliness or something like that, so please heed to the Spirit (which you get when your saved). Anyhoo, she told him that she didn't want to hear from him anymore and now they don't speak and basically its over...

This experience has added to her bitterness towards men and the stereotype of 'how we are'....Knowing God, hopefully He will restore hope in her.

As guys come your way, please filter them if you understand what I am saying...avoid a heartbreak!

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