Sunday, 27 February 2011

Update On Me!

Hey guys :D I have had many good comments about my blog (it'll be a year in June), and I want to maintain that but also improve the best way I can. I have some plans for this blog, but they won't really be implemented until after I graduate; this year July Godwilling. So after graduation, in the midst of work too B), I plan on doing a lot more for this blog, and part of that is being a bit more personal with you guys, and have more posts on me and outings I go on (which I need an SLR camera for).

Anyway, I recently bought a car last month, the new shape Renault Clio :), and I actually haven't been buying as much clothes as I used to recently, but I bought some from a market yesterday in London. For now I am just focusing on getting good grades really and I know I will because I have faith. This is very random btw, LOL, but hope everyone is good anyway? Peace.

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