Friday, 5 November 2010

Jessica Stam for Beauty In Vogue - Vogue Italia, November 2010!

Jessica Stam who is one of my favourite models (yeah I have a lot of favourites lol) appears in the Beauty In Vogue section of Vogue Italia. Jessica is one model that makes me understand what Tyra Banks means by letting your personality and 'you' show in photos and on the runway and stuff. Like you could portray different things, but in your own unique way, and to me Jessica is a good example. She has like her own way of posing/modelling. She has these 'sleepy' eyes and pout and stuff, and it's just unique and 'her' I guess. I like these photos anyway and the photography and make up are on point. Here are most of the photos from the editorial. Enjoy!

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue
Photographer: Craig McDean

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