Thursday, 18 November 2010

Ciara in Wonderland November/December 2010!

Ciara has been making her rounds in the modelling industry recently, from her Givenchy editorial in one of the Vogues, to quite a few more editorials in high fashion magazine and I'm definitely like the fact that this is happening as I really like Ciara. Here she appears in an editorial for the current issue of Wonderland...nice photos. Enjoy!

Source: Smile
Photographer: Cameron Smith


  1. These can't be recent?! She looks stunning! Ciara would make a great model but seeing her recently (on BET's 106 & Park), she's put on weight & her legs look awful!

  2. They were probably taken recently I'm not sure, but it the publication is current. I think i saw her on BET too, and to me i think she looked the same tho.


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